Vacuum Service and Repair

Basic Service

Includes inspection and replacement of belt, bulb, brush bearings, cord, fan, gaskets, brushes, filters, hose, housing, and electrical connections.

$45 plus parts

Full Service

Basic Service PLUS a really good cleaning. (Required for most bagless vacuum cleaners to effectively clean)

$80 plus parts


60 day warranty on all vacuum cleaner repairs with new parts (30 days on used parts)*

Repair Trade

Purchase a new vacuum cleaner from Lowery Sewing and Vacuum, priced at $399 or more, within 60 days of your repair, and receive some credit for the amount of your repair

*If within 60 days of the completion of the repair, the unit fails to operate properly because of fault in replacement or repair workmanship, return the unit and the correction will be made at no additional charge.