Several people have come into Lowery Sewing and Vacuum because their current vacuum cleaner isn’t working on the high-pile carpet they’ve had installed. Most SEBO vacuum cleaners we sell can be fitted with a special soft-pile brushroll that keeps the vacuum from drawing the carpet nap into the machine. Our SEBO canister and the Felix and Dart uprights can also be fitted with a bottom plate that has seven holes instead of four allowing more air flow under the power head. These features allow the vacuum cleaner to push easier across high-pile carpet.

Stop in at 707 East Winona Avenue, Winona Lake, Indiana, to see for yourself. If you just have questions, email or call 574.267.8631.

SEBO ET-1 Power Head for Vacuum Cleaners

The SEBO ET-1 Power Head that can be fitted with the high-pile brushroll and bottom plate with seven holes. This power head comes standard with all SEBO cannisters and the SEBO Dart and Felix uprights.

SEBO Automatic X Vacuum Cleaner

Most SEBO uprights can be fitted with the high-pile brushroll to make the vacuum cleaner push easier on high-pile carpet.