Free Vacuum Bags for 1 YEAR!

Lowery Sewing and Vacuum Sebo Vacuums

Buy a SEBO vacuum cleaner from Lowery Sewing and Vacuum and receive FREE vacuum bags for a YEAR!

Made in Germany, SEBO offers premium-quality vacuum cleaners that are easy to use, reliable, and effectively remove pet hair. Find out why vacuums with bags are better than bag-less vacuums. Learn more about SEBO vacuum cleaners.

Enjoy the “Word’s Best Vacuum for a Clean and Healthy Home” and free vacuum bags for a YEAR!

Offer ends Oct 31, 2022
Bags must be picked up before 1 year after vacuum purchase
1 box of bags per visit
Pickup bags in store only (Will not ship)
Up to a $75 value (Based on the typical homeowner using 1 bag per month)
No cash value